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Should we Warm Up or Cool Down Post Exercise

Here at Compass Physio we get asked this question a lot so today's blog is to outline our views on what we feel is the best approach for you. The most common questions are What type of stretching should I do? Should I Stretch pre/post exercise? How long should i do the stretches for? Should I warm up [...]

How to Manage your Chronic Pain

At our Compass Physio clinics throughout Ireland, we often see people with Chronic Pain. Chronic pain can have numerous meaning and definitions, but it is basically defined as pain which is lasting longer than the body’s natural healing time. If you’re in chronic pain or live with someone who suffers with chronic pain it can be very difficult. [...]

Scoliosis – The Facts and how we can help

So you/your child has just been diagnosed with scoliosis… what do you do?? Apart from worry, the next most likely reaction is to consult google for answers which can be a minefield of information.You will find things about braces, casts, surgery and exercise but what is the right option for you?? At Compass Physio our expert Paediatric Physiotherapist [...]

Developmental Milestones for your Newborn Baby

Congratulations - you've had a baby!! And now amongst the haze of feeding/changing/sleeping/repeat, you get to sit centre stage as you watch them develop into the most amazing person of their own. Developmental Milestones So how do you know that your new perfect little human being is doing the right thing at the right time????Well the most important [...]

Shoulder Impingement: How can we help you?

Shoulder Impingement: How we can help you Here at Compass Physio we see lots of shoulder pain. Most people who come to our clinics in Tullyallen and Castlecomer have lots of concerns and fears about what the source of their pain is, what to do to get better and do they need to have a scan, see a [...]

How to Manage your Tennis Elbow Pain

Here at Compass Physio we treat lots of injuries and lately with the warm weather we have noticed an increase in sports injuries. In particular there is an increase in Tennis Elbow pain. A pain that presents on the outside of the elbow, felt with gripping a racket, opening jars it really can be frustrating. Tennis elbow is [...]

Tips on how to manage a Calf Injury

Hurt your Calf? Let's get you back in action: Something we see a lot of as chartered physiotherapists here at Compass Physio Tullyallen and Castlecomer is calf strains. Whether it be the feeling of cramping in the calf when you are walking down the hill or a sudden pop when you are running or jumping most of us [...]

Shoulder Pain and how Physiotherapy can help

At Compass Physio in Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny and Tullyallen, Co Louth we see a lot of shoulder issues from all age ranges and injury types. So I’ve decided to do a quick blog on the shoulder and the different types of injuries that can occur. As always, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of early intervention. If you [...]

Neck Pain- What Should I do?

Neck Pain - What Should I do? Here at Compass Physio both in Tullyallen and in Castlecomer we are seeing more and more people attending our clinics with neck pain. It can be an extremely painful condition and can present both suddenly as well as creeping up over time. Physiotherapy can be very effective at treating neck (cervical [...]

Why you should treat your body like an engine!

So you are driving along in your car and the warning light comes on in the car, what do you do? Generally you call someone or bring it to the garage to get it checked out (unless you're like me when your 17 and keep driving - bad expensive idea!!, but that's for another day). The point I'm [...]

Why we focus on the cause of the Pain

So you have recurrent pain that keeps coming back and no matter how many times you go to your therapist it doesn't seem to help. You've tried everyone from the local witch doctor to the guy with all the letters after his name, but nothing seems to work. At Compass Physio in Louth and Kilkenny we see this [...]

Achilles Pain – 7 Tips to get you back on Track

What's that pain in your achilles? Here at Compass Physio in both Tullyallen and Castlecomer we are seeing more and more cases of achilles tendinopathy so thought is was about time to write a blog about it. Do you know some who has achilles pain? It could have been grumbling for a long time or perhaps has just [...]

What to do in a Road Traffic Accident

You’re minding your own business and then BANG!!  Road traffic accident (RTA) - don’t worry I’m fine and there was no one seriously injured. I was recently rear ended in a 4 car collision (low impact), so I just wanted to give you an idea of what to do following an accident. I think there were about 12 [...]

12 Tips to Help you Manage your Back Pain

Hands up if you have had back pain. Here at Compass Physio Tullyallen and Castlecomer our most common condition seen is back pain. Back Pain is experienced by over 80% of us during our lifetime. As time passes we are getting a greater understanding of the dos and donts of back pain and some of the evidence may [...]

Hamstring Injury – What should I do?

Hamstrings: Most of us have had or know someone who have suffered from the dreaded hamstring injury. Just last week at training a teammate of mine was pulling away in a sprint for the line when it appeared a sniper took aim from the sideline and took out this athlete out in full flow. He screeched to a [...]

Why does my knee hurt?

So your knee hurts and your not sure what's causing the pain... Or worse, you're listening to someone complain about their knee pain and they are doing nothing about it. At Compass Physio (Tullyallen, Co Louth & Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny) we treat a lot of knee problems and get people back to their best, whether it's on the [...]

How to Prevent Injuries at home/work and the gym

        Injury Prevention:   Nobody wants to be injured. Be it that niggling back pain thats stopping you from concentrating at work or the knee pain that just won't allow you to train in the gym, there are many way to prevent niggles becoming injuries. Here at Compass Physio (Tullyallen and Castlecomer) our chartered physiotherapists have [...]

Do you need an MRI scan? At Compass Physio in Castlecomer, Co.Kilkenny and Tullyallen Co. Louth we often get asked to send people for MRI scans. So I thought I'd explain what an MRI is and IF you need one. What is an MRI scan? Magnetic resonance imaging is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to form pictures of the body. MRI [...]

Is a Deep Tissue Massage for Me?

What is a Deep Tissue Massage? Here at Compass Physio both in Tullyallen and in Catlecomer we have trained therapists who carry out deep tissue and sports massage. They use a range of techniques to mobilsie and manipulate the muscles. Sessions on average last between 30 and 60 minutes and involve a thorough history around the problem that you [...]

How to reduce the risk of hip injury as we get older…..

We all know someone who’s had a hip replacement as a result of a fall. At Compass Physio in both Castlecomer and Tullyallen, we see older people who have fallen over. Some are lucky to escape with some minor bumps and bruises, while other need invasive orthopaedic surgery. Going to hospital to have a hip replacement following a fall [...]

What is Poor Posture?

What is good Posture? Here at Compass Physio our chartered physiotherapists get asked a lot what is good posture? I can safely say that one of the biggest factors leading to people attending our clinics (Liverpool, Tullyallen and Castlecomer) is indeed poor posture. The most common conditions that we see stemming from this are Neck Pain Shoulder Impingements Low [...]

How to manage an ankle sprain

So last week I was running on a mud track training for a trail run and went over on my ankle. I felt pain straight away but decided to keep running. Then after 100 meters the Physio voice in my head screamed "what are you doing?" So I stopped jogging and walked home. We see a lot of people [...]

Headaches: Can Physio Help?

Headaches: Can my physio help? We all have experienced a headache at some stage. We also know someone who suffers from headaches then can range from a grumbling background ache to a debilitating pain that can affect work, sleep and general quality of life What can cause a headache? Stiff joints in the neck are a common cause of [...]

Overweight? Tips to change your habits

Working as a physio at Compass Physio Castlecomer, allows me to see a lot of people from all walks of life with different health challenges. Our goal as physios is to identify the cause of the musculoskeletal problem and address it, rather than treating the symptom. For example, your inner knee pain could be coming from your weak gluts [...]

5 Tips to Enjoy Playing GAA

Going back to back to club training in January can be difficult..... but to make sure you give yourself the best chance for enjoying the year ahead, here are 5 basic tips. 1) Insurance – No matter where you play GAA you’ll always have your hatchet men….standing on a pitch with some of these guys can lead to injury. [...]