Do I need Insoles?

Do I need Insoles?

This is a question we often get asked at our Compass Physio clinics in Kilkenny, Louth and Meath. People come in and expect they are going to get insoles straight away. As Chartered Physiotherapists our job is to examine the entire body and its everyday environment, not just the feet. Pain in your lower back, knees, hips and feet can sometimes be coming from your foot position, but unless it’s the primary driver (main cause of pain) then there is no point in spending money on insoles. Often, we can recommend some basic exercises or stretching to help with your problem and in the long term you don’t need the insoles. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying insoles are bad, I just see people spend money on insoles, who sometimes don’t need them. So here are some points to consider before purchasing insoles.

Questions to ask before making the purchase for insoles

  • Is the “therapist” medically trained (Degree) to provide information regarding insoles or are they a sales assistant in a shoe shop working on commission.
  • Have they assessed the whole situation (Work, Home Life, Sport etc) or just put you on a machine and said “they machine recommends these insoles”
  • Have you been given any exercises to do for maintenance?
  • If you have medical conditions such as diabetes or neurological issues then you should consult your medical team before purchasing insoles as they may cause more harm than good


  • If properly prescribed they can make an instant difference.
  • You don’t always need custom made insoles (orthotics).
  • They can be ordered within a week


  • If your main problem is foot position then you’ll need to wear them all the time
  • They may not fit all your shoes
  • Easily misplaced

So before you go to the local shoe shop or foot clinic for new insoles, check in with your Chartered Physiotherapist at Compass Physio to review your situation.

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Colin Phillips MISCP
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