How to Manage your Chronic Pain

How to Manage your Chronic Pain

At our Compass Physio clinics throughout Ireland, we often see people with Chronic Pain. Chronic pain can have numerous meaning and definitions, but it is basically defined as pain which is lasting longer than the body’s natural healing time. If you’re in chronic pain or live with someone who suffers with chronic pain it can be very difficult. Traditionally there has been a lack of understanding with both the public and medical professionals, often with a stigma attached. However, in recent years there has been a huge amount of scientific developments in the fields of pain. So thankfully both the public and clinicians are gaining a better understanding of chronic pain. Below I’ve identified some factors, examples and management plans to help you deal with Chronic Pain.

Numerous Factors to Pain Perception

  • Pain is a very personal thing
  • Numerous impacting factors (psychosocial)
  • Type of underlying condition
  • Everyone is very different
  • No two situations are the same (the same meds won’t work for everyone)

Examples of clients who have chronic pain

  • Nobody understands your pain
  • No medication seems to work
  • You’ve seen endless health professionals, quacks and “specialists”
  • You feel angry, frustrated and alone
  • You’re friends and family think you should just “get on with it”

Management of Chronic Pain

  • Information and understanding of pain – join a support group (Arthritis Ireland)
  • Acknowledge your situation – Don’t be a hero
  • Review your group dynamics – Family dynamics – Education
  • Medication (Review)
  • Exercise (gradual progression within pain limits)
  • Meditation
  • Review your diet
  • Pain Management Prog
  • If you’re not happy with your medical team (change)
  • Don’t be a hero
  • Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do

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