Top secrets to help relieve and prevent pelvic pain in pregnancy

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Top secrets to help relieve and prevent pelvic pain in pregnancy

Are you pregnant and experiencing hip or back pain associated with certain movements?

Have your doctors mentioned SPD or PGP(Pelvic Girdle Pain)? If you’ve answered Yes to any of these we might be able to help!

Pelvic girdle pain is an umbrella term for pain occurring in any of the joints associated with your pelvis or hip bones.

In pregnancy hormone changes that occur naturally in your body with the additional load your pelvis takes carrying the baby, play a part in causing your symptoms.

These symptoms can vary from a mild discomfort to less commonly a more severe pain that can affect your walking.

Certain movements that involve bringing your legs out to the side eg. In/out of the car or bed, standing on one leg or even walking often can bring often on your symptoms.

These symptoms will more commonly occur in your second or third trimester but may also start in the first trimester.

If you have any concern regarding your pregnancy please contact your doctor, however if certain functional movements affect your symptoms, as mentioned above, then we can help!

All you need to do is contact us.

Here’s some simple tips to get you started

Tips to keeping your pelvis happy during pregnancy

  1. Sleeping position

In sleeping  keep your hip, knee and ankle in line, therefore when lying on your side place two pillows between your legs so your top foot is the same level as your hip.

  1. Sitting position

Attempt to avoid crossing your legs or ankles, ensure your couch or chair is supportive and you are sitting symmetrically.

  1. Avoid Hoovering/mopping

You will all love this one…. but it really can aggravate your symptoms!

4.Get strong

Why not try antenatal classes locally, what a lovely time to get your body moving and strong. Did you know the American college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists published exercise guidelines for pregnancy which suggested that in the absence of complications 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise a day on most if not all days of the week is recommended.  

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