Why we focus on the cause of the Pain

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Why we focus on the cause of the Pain

So you have recurrent pain that keeps coming back and no matter how many times you go to your therapist it doesn’t seem to help. You’ve tried everyone from the local witch doctor to the guy with all the letters after his name, but nothing seems to work. At Compass Physio in Louth and Kilkenny we see this problem a lot. People have seen numerous practitioners to help with their problem but nothing seems to work. At Compass Physio all our therapist are trained to focus on the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptom. Check out the video below for more details on this. Our reasons for focusing on the cause of the problem are as follows..

Lifestyle – Your lifestyle plays a huge role in the way your body presents with Pain or Musculoskeletal problems. For example if you’re a painter decorator you may have more shoulder and neck pain. This is not rocket science it’s just that you use these muscles more so they will be more susceptible injury due to overloading. At Compass Physio, we don’t tell you to stop doing your job but we try to modify how you do things. We educate you in how to manage your symptoms and prevent future reoccurrence of pain.

Attitude – The way you think will also have an effect on how you recover from a injury. If you’re all for passive treatment such as massage, dry needling, electrotherapy, cryotherapy and manipulation (Don’t get me wrong these are great treatments for Physiotherapy) then your changes of making a full recovery and lasting a year without any reoccurrence are pretty slim. That’s why we focus on giving you the tools to help yoU manage your injury as well as the Physiotherapy.


  • Education – We educate you about your condition and how to manage it
  • Exercise – We advice you on specific individual exercises to help improve you function
  • Lifestyle – We advice on lifestyle changes to help improve body function – Alway move more, improve diet and weight loss
  • Ongoing support – 3 weeks after your last visit to the clinic we will follow up with an email to ensure all is well

So if you know someone who is not getting the results they require from their therapist, maybe it’s time for a change. We offer practical, no nonsense, scientific evidence based treatment at all our clinics.

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Colin Phillips MISCP
Chartered Physiotherapist
Compass Physio