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Why do Bones Break?

Breaking a Bone and how Compass Physio can help Here at Compass Physio we see lots of broken bones. From the sporty ankle that rolled the wrong way on the pitch to the older hip that may have slipped on the ice, we are experts when it comes to getting people back up and moving. With winter approaching the [...]

Flat Feet – Should I get them seen to?

Here at Compass Physio we have lots of enquiries about flat feet. With questions like Do I need insoles? Will they get worse? What exercises can I do?   What is Pes Planus? Flatfoot (pesplanus) is a condition in which the arch in the foot, which runs along the sole of the foot, has not developed normally and is [...]

Healthy Bones – What you need to know

Here at Compass Physio both in Enfield and Castlecomer we receive referrals from doctors and indeed from clients attending themselves who want to know more about keeping their bones healthy and strong.We are seeing this not just in older clients but also younger people who are active and looking to exercise more and more Lets talk bone health.Osteopenia and [...]

Can a Foam Roller help with your pain?

The benefits of foam rolling Here at Compass Physio we often use foam rollers an an aid to help our clients get back moving again after an injuryWe are also huge advocates for foam rollingQuick facts ·         Foam rolling has been shown to improve joint range of movement ·         Foam rolling [...]

Why Exercise is the Best Medicine

Here at Compass Physio as Chartered Physiotherapists we understand more then anyone the benefits to our health both mental and physical of exercise. 1.Exercise will help to build stronger and healthier bones and muscles. Regular exercise can limit injury risks such as muscle tears or fractures. Stronger bones can help to prevent osteoporosis in later life! 2.     [...]

The Marathon Final Stretch – What to do

The Final Stretch Here at Compass Physio, we’re very busy at the moment treating marathoners, who are preparing for the big day! Our exercise lead programs will help these runners enjoy and acheive their goals in this year’s Dublin city marathon! Quick facts The Dublin city marathon was first founded in 1980. The current record holders for the Dublin [...]

Is there any benefit to warming up or cooling down when exercising?

Here at Compass Physio we get asked this question a lot day to day and we want you to have the correct information to hand when you do go out enjoying your running (you might be preparing for the upcoming marathon) or just enjoying some 5 a side soccer.   The most common questions are What type of [...]

Back to school Tips

It's that time of year again, all kids and parents getting ready to go back to school. At Compass Physio we see both parents and children in our clinics asking similar questions and looking for advice with regards to education and returning to school. Most of our advice is very simple and inexpensive. Our aim is to maintain [...]

Concussion – What you Really Need to Know

Here at Compass Physio we deal with a lot of Sports People and one of the hot topics at the moment is concussion. We have backgrounds in sports such as rugby where concussion safety is really highly instilled.  Standards of care are rising in the GAA and Soccer and are much closer to where they need to be [...]

The Curse of the ACL Injury In Gaelic Games

THE ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT (ACL) Here at Compass Physio we as our clinics grow we are treating more and more people who play sport. This time of year club championships are swinging into action and one of the first points of contacts when someone gets an injury. We can assess and advise people what their injury is and [...]

The Most Common Injuries in the GAA – The Hamstring

The Hamstring “Sniper” We have all seen it happen. The player is bursting out for the ball, a finely tuned athlete at the peak of their powers gliding away from the opposition player and then BAMM.  They hit the ground and you look around to see if the opposition have sent a sniper and if he is packing [...]

8 Running Tips this Summer from the Experts at Compass Physio

Here at Compass Physio we enjoy helping our clients get out running pain free and with some great local events popping up we have created a list of things to do that will make sure you are running safely and injury free.   Planning: The old saying, fail to prepare – prepare to fail is very true for [...]

All you need is PEACE AND LOVE for all your Soft Tissue Injuries

The summer is in full swing and with that brings plenty of people playing sports. As a result we will see a lot of patients in Compass Physio in Louth, Kilkenny and Meath over the next few months with soft tissue injuries. A soft tissue injury is the damage of muscles, ligaments and tendons throughout the body. Injuries [...]

Farming!! How to prevent Back Injuries.

We all know a farmer, be it yourself, a friend or a family member, suffering from an injury. In a 2012 survey of 600 Irish farmers, 56% admitted they had experienced a musculoskeletal injury; the most common being a back injury (37%). There is often a common misconception that these injuries are just a hazard of the occupation [...]

10 Tips for Office Workers

Generally work should be enjoyable ...... However at Compass Physio we see a lot of office workers, with neck, shoulder and repetitive strain injuries. You commute to work in a sitting posture and then sit at your desk until lunch, maybe eat lunch at your desk, then work until it's home time and drive home. All the while [...]

Shoulder Dislocations – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

OverviewA shoulder dislocation occurs when the humerus bone (upper arm bone) pops out of the shoulder socket. The shoulder is the body's most mobile joint which makes it susceptible to dislocations. A dislocated shoulder requires urgent medical attention. Do not try to relocate the joint. At Compass Physio we generally don't see many dislocations unless we are working at [...]

Men Don’t Do Pilates! DO they?

The answer from the Compass physio team is, Yes they do. From sports teams looking to reduce injury to men with a history of back pain or just generally wanting to improve control and strength. There are more and more men doing Pilates. The person who invented Pilates was a man! Pilates has all the same benefits for women [...]

Have You Ever Thought About Doing Pilates?

Here at Compass Physio, it is always important for us to understand why our clients come to us to do Pilates. This enables us to tailor the classes to our clients needs. You then get the most benefit from classes. Quite often, we hear of people who are not quite sure what Pilates is all about. Sometimes they’ve been [...]

Going for Surgery? Top Tips for Post Op

Having underwent ankle surgery at the beginning of the year, I learned a lot about what it is like to be a patient in this situation. I thought it might be helpful to share some tips which may be useful for somebody preparing for surgery. Being Prepared / Thinking ahead Thinking about the aftermath [...]

Is your meniscus causing your knee pain?

What is a meniscus? The meniscus is a cartilage structure which is found within the knee joint. This cartilage structure acts as a shock absorber between the thighbone and shinbone. This acts as a cushion to distribute load within the knee. Forces which are transferred through the knee increase exponentially as speeds of activity increases i.e running. [...]

What is a Total Knee Replacement

Its an orthopaedic procedure where the articular surfaces (end of the bone) of the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) are replaced. A polyethylene piece is placed between the tibia and femur as a shock absorber. In about half of cases the patella (kneecap) is also replaced. Why get one? The main reason people have a knee [...]

7 Mistakes People Make When Dealing With Back Pain

Here at Compass Physio we have worked with back pain for many years and truly have a great knowledge of how to diagnose and manage your back pain. There are several common mistakes we consistently see people are making when they have back pain. Could you or someone you know be making one or more of these mistakes? [...]

How does your Work Day compare to that of a Professional Rugby Player?

This is a break from our normal weekly blog to give you an insight into what a typical day can look like for members of the Ireland Team preparing for Saturday's game V England The 6 Nations is only days away with the hopes of each Nation peaking in anticipation for their warriors to take to the battlefield. [...]

How to stick with your new habits!!

3 weeks into the new year and you may be starting to slip back into your old habits or worse again, not made any new changes. You might ask, why does a Chartered Physiotherapist care about my new years resolution. Well the scary part about our job is that we see the effects that peoples lifestyle choices have [...]

Season Greetings!! Time for a Review?

This time of year is a wonderful time of year for so many reasons. The opportunity to relax, spend time with family and celebrate together. Christmas brings with it happiness for so many of us, whether it be indulging in food, singing carols, buying presents or kids excitement- it really is an enjoyable time. For some it will [...]